About Genesee Valley Bills

The Genesee Valley Bills youth football and cheer organization is a non-profit that provides an environment that allows children the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading with proper adult supervision and adequate equipment in a safe environment. The program always aims to emphasize learning, playing and enjoying the sports, while instilling high moral standards by stressing the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Announcement: Next Board Meeting is February 18th!

The Coaches

The purpose of our coaches is to develop and nurture a positive attitude and a positive self-image in all players and cheerleaders. The coaches will direct the conditioning and training of each player/cheerleader to improve their endurance, resistance to injury, physical health, and coordination. Last, but certainly not least, our coaches strive to improve each player’s/cheerleader’s understanding of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The Board of Directors

The policies, procedures, and structure of the Genesee Valley Bills (GVB) Youth Football and Cheer organization is governed by its volunteer Board of Directors, which per the Community Youth Football League (CYFL), must:

  • Be in accord with the philosophy and procedures of the CYFL.
  • Include a Board of Directors responsible for managing the business affairs of the team organization. The majority, but not all, of the positions are as follows:
    • President – Matt Case
    • Vice President – Jason Sealy
    • Treasurer – Kelly Brown
    • Secretary – Bobbie Jo Keller
    • Athletic Director/Football Coordinator – Mike Wolinski
    • Football Equipment Coordinator – Marc Roche
    • Cheer Coordinator – JoLeigh Wetmore
    • Cheer Equipment Coordinator – Heather Herrmann
    • Special Events Coordinator – Kristin Dueppengiesser and Brittany Johnson
    • Fundraising/Apparel Coordinator – Ashley Piece
    • Concessions Coordinator – Kristy Scott
    • Parent Participation Coordinator – Kara Case
    • Public Relations Coordinator – Marleah Stout
    • CYFL Division Representative(s) –Mat Brown and Chad Bliss
  • Have a treasurer responsible for maintenance of financial records, proper preservation and disbursement of any and all money in the team’s treasury.
  • Not allow the treasurer to also be an executive of the team.
  • Manage available resources in a responsible manner to keep the organization in sound financial condition.